I suppose that if Serena had to lose this weekend’s US Open match to anyone I’m glad it was to the humble Naomi Osaka. Even before the match, when they asked her if she had anything to say to Serena, Naomi’s response was: “Um, I love her.”

She could have responded on the Muhammad Ali tip and said some fighting words, could have been on some ole “She’s toast” or “She can kiss the Grand Slam goodbye.”  Instead she made it clear that she was aware of Serena’s power and  glory and admired her long storied tennis career.

It was on.

Everybody and their momma  placed their bets and so did we.

The hubby was convinced that Naomi Osama would take the win: She’s hungrier, she’s younger (19 to Serena’s 36 years) and she beat Serena bad just this past March at the Miami Invitational.

But me? I never bet against the house. And in my book, when it comes to tennis, tenacity, and true Black Girl Magic, Serena is the house.

To keep things simple, our bet was a domestic one: We agreed that the loser would have to organize the winner’s closet.

With a change of season upon us all in NYC as fall is on the horizon, it’s a natural project to switch out one’s summer smocks for fall’s jackets, sweaters, and scarves.

But now, not only do I have to do my own closet I have to do his, too!

Luckily for me his closet is not as messy and complicated as mine.

Still! I’m annoyed by my loss and pissed at Serena. If you saw the match you know what I’m talking about. She was kind of bugging and totally lost her focus after she was penalized for allegedly being coached from the stands.

As I watched I wanted to shake her and tell her to reign in it, to deal with all of  that bureaucracy later, to go on ahead and beat the little girl’s butt. Serena is too damn grown and professional to be flexing like that. It was obvious why she was so mad, though: Naomi Osama basically kicked Serena’s butt from the beginning of the match and Serena could not handle  any of it. At all!!

Still, I wanted Serena to win so I didn’t have to deal with two  cluttered closets.

That is not how things turned out. No! Naomi upset Serena with her win so I have to giver her props the way my grandmother Marie would and simply say: Naomi, go ahead With Your Bad Self!

As for to Serena, I’ll be thinking of her as I deal with a  bunch of shirts, slacks, and sweaters.

That’s what I get for being cocky.

Because unlike Naomi, who handled her opponent with grace and humility, I talked smack to my man all weekend.

During dinner this was me:

“When you do my closet remember I like my belts on the left hooks, ok babe?”

And then at a random run to Target I said:

“Maybe we should get more hangers with different shades so you can color coordinate when you clear out my closet when Serena wins.”

Clearly I was delusional because Serena lost. She lost!

I still love and admire the woman but I can’t even look at her right now because right now I’m looking at bins, hangars, and boxes. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson.

I won’t be betting on anything anytime soon. I’ll be too busy sorting socks! Ugh!!!