Have you ever read something that gets under your skin, disturbs you a bit, makes you a little uncomfortable but still leaves you feeling alive? Such is the case with Madhuri Pavamati’s now book of poetry I, Machete. As the title indicates , when it comes to poetry that is prolific and powerful, she’s a beast.

The poetry collection has over 100 poems. Some are short. Some are long. Some make you ask “Damn girl who hurt you?” Some make you wonder “Damn girl who did you hurt?”

Using words as swords she cuts to the raw meat of acquired angst and never leaves you wondering what the hell she’s talking about because you know what the woman is talking about. We’ve all been there, have experienced how confusing frustrating and debilitating love and life can be. Madhuri has taken her experiences and placed them on the page all alone and beautifully bare, turning love’s artifice into pure art.

I Still Have Hope For You 

by Madhuri Pavamani

one day

may you grow

into a version of yourself

I am able to roll

around in my mouth

without gagging on the taste

of your duplicity

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